Jesolo and Cavallino: live the Venetian Riviera

Vittoria Apartment Real Estate is well-specialized in two of the most renowned resorts of the Venetian Riviera.
Jesolo and Cavallino are two lively tourist centers that can best meet the demands of families, couples or groups of friends. Your holidays can be amusing, relaxing and interesting at the same time if you choose to spend them here.
Jesolo and Cavallino are just a few minutes from Venice and other cities very rich in historical and artistic references.
Vittoria Apartments Real Estate offers you a variety of selected apartments in the best areas.

Cavallino Treporti

Cavallino Treporti is a seaside destination of excellence. In 2016, it was second only to Rimini and with its 6 millions tourists and the highest European concentration of best campsites, was declared the Capital of Tourism En Plen Air.

Confirming the special attention reserved by the operators of the peninsula to this outdoor tourism is the fact that since 2006, Cavallino has continuously won the Blue Flag: a prestigious international award, granted not only for the cleanliness of the bathing water, but also for the quality of its services and the respect of the environment.

An eco-friendly tourism therefore, but also ideal holidays for families: the coast has in fact also received the Green Flag Award, a special recognition attributed by Italian pediatricians, based on precise criteria of judgment- such as clean sea, shallow and safe waters near the shore, fine sand, rescue service, etc.- conceived to select the best beaches for families with children from 0 to 18 years.

Municipality that lives mainly on seasonal tourism, still maintaining a high agricultural tradition in its internal, ancient land, farther from the coast.

Peninsula always at the mercy of its particular hydro-geological structure, which thanks to the excavation of the Cavallino Channel (today called Casson) and the consequent reclamation of the area, was considered, already in 1600, the Garden of the thriving city of Venice and its noble inhabitants.

Originally it was mainly dedicated to the production of fruit trees- of which it still maintains a high level of specialization- while today the production of vegetables has reached a level of excellence such that its products reach every day the markets of the Venetian region and northern Italy.

If you love good food, you have absolutely to go to a greengrocer or a local farm…there you can taste the different varieties of juicy plums, peaches, apples and pears, but also, at the right times, the delicacy of artichokes and asparagus and much more.

The North coast of the Venice lagoon also offers history and culture and many buildings marvelously evidence it. Just to name a few, for example, the Lighthouse, the Hydraulic Basins, the Church of Santa Maria Elisabetta, the Lighthouse and Forte Vecchio of Punta Sabbioni, the Church of the Holy Trinity of Treporti etc…

In conclusion Cavallino Treporti offers all visitors the green of a generous nature, 15 kilometers of golden sands, clean sea, safety, history, culture and traditions, excellent gastronomic products and all this, without forgetting to aim for excellence in hospitality… really compelling reasons to spend a wonderful holiday here!


The City of Jesolo, once “Equilium”, named after the main island of the lagoon that formerly spread throughout the territory, boasts a rich history closely linked to that of Venice.

Since the Early Venetian inhabitants, famous in the Mediterranean basin as horse breeders (the toponym actually incorporates the word horse) to the ancient Romans, Jesolo became a real autonomous municipality only with the advent of Napoleon, in 1806.

Not before the “Great Land Reclamation” (1920-1930) of the first post-war reconstruction, with the subsequent sowing of crops of wheat, corn and sugar beet, fruit trees and vineyards, we can witness the agricultural revival of the municipality and its touristic flowering.
In that period began the construction of the first bathing establishments for helio therapeutic treatments -solar therapies- as well as of the first hotels and restaurants.

Today Jesolo is a famous seaside resort, first in Italy for the extension of its beaches, where tourists can count on a large accommodation capacity and a wide choice of facilities.

Since the late ’70s, the city has seen the presence of buildings higher than ten floors, and this type of vertical integration, since 2000, has constantly acquired speed and relevance thanks to the projects of internationally renowned architects.
This trend over time, with the gradual completion of projects, will lead to the radical transformation of the skyline of Jesolo beach and it will have no equal in similar locations in Italy.

Jesolo offers many opportunities for recreation and entertainment, from culture to sport, from nature to fun. Just to mention some of the places of interest.
For those with a passion for history, one can visit the “Antiche Mura” or “Ancient Walls”, an archaeological site still preserving the remains of Santa Maria of Equilium Cathedral, built on an earlier Early Christian building dedicated to San Mauro, or the “Torre del Caligo” or “Caligo Tower”, an ancient fort dating back to the early Middle Ages, of which today only the base remains.
For sportsmen, the offers are interesting, with excellent centers for sailing, tennis, go karting, skeet shooting, beach volley, windsurfing and golf.
Nature lovers have at their disposal the fishing valleys and the Lagoon of the Mort.
Finally, for the fun lovers, the Aqualandia water park has been elected several times the best in Italy; the Sea Life aquarium and tropicarium is really fascinating for the whole family, while the Pista Azzurra is definitely a true icon in the international karting scene and much more…

Then you can not ignore the proximity to historic cities like Venice, Padua, Treviso… In short, Jesolo is really a holiday to live and enjoy…